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Listed below are our capabilities:

Shearing metal plate—1/2” thick up to 12’ long

Roll metal plate—1/2” thick up to 8’ long

Rolled angle—3” x 3” x 1/4” angles can be rolled

Bending—metal 3/4” thick up to 12’ long

Plasma —cutting 5/8” thick metal

Water Jet —cutting material up to 6” thick


Walk-in business is accepted and AMC accepts Visa and MasterCard

American Mechanical Contractors has machines that can shear, bend and roll metal up to 1/2” thick.  Custom fabrication and installation is AMC’s specialty since 1980.

AMC has welders that are R-Stamp and U-Stamp certified to weld stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum.

Working with customers who have close tolerance specifications is our specialty.  Having equipment that will shear or cut thick metal is essential to our business and our customers.  


AMC can fabricate and build from engineered drawings or design-build including installation of the finished product…

Any size ductwork can be made and installed.  AMC works in paper mills, chemical plants, factories, government facilities, and hospitals.  

Aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, and steel ductwork can be fabricated and installed.


Ductwork Fabrication and Installation

Complete Fabrication & Welding Shop

Need metal sheared or rolled?

What about precise cuts? 

See our page on Water Jet Services