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Pressure Vessels


American Mechanical Contractors builds ASME Code pressure vessels and tanks. Our services include the fabrication, installation, and repair services for tanks, pressure vessels, and pressure piping systems.


We are committed to produce high quality products at the most reasonable cost possible.  Fabricating products that meet or exceed expectations for performance and reliability. Our strict values of high quality and outstanding service enable AMC to consistently provide products of superior value and quality to our customers.

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Boiler Repair


At American Mechanical Contractors our objective is to make your shutdown a success, and we have the full capability to handle all of your pressure vessel work and mechanical work during your major outages. AMC is ready with the knowledge, supervision, skilled manpower, the necessary tools, and equipment to help you make your boiler shutdowns successful.

· Renewal of boiler tubes and welding repairs to steel boilers.

· Overhaul, repair or renewal of boiler mountings and fittings.

· Repair of burners - oil and gas.

· Preparation of pressure vessels for insurance inspection including ultra-sonic testing.

· Retubes.

· Pressure vessel repairs.

What is the difference of a R-Stamp and U-Stamp Certified Welder?

R-Stamp—Boiler repair in the United States is governed by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and the ASME under a classification called R-Stamp Welding. In order to perform R- Stamp welds and repairs, boilermakers are tested and certified in the quality of their weld joints through a rigorous testing procedure. R stamps are issued to companies that have existing ASME code stamps issued for construction and whose Quality Control system covers repairs or follow the guidelines set up by ASME to obtain a R-stamp. Welders identify their welds by stamping their identifying welder number adjacent to their completed weld with a set of steel stencils.

U-Stamp—the ASME "U" stamp is evidence and certification of an unfired pressure vessel built to Section VIII of the ASME Code. This means that a pressure vessel was specified, designed, fabricated, inspected and tested in accordance with this code. A plate with an ASME vessel number is attached to the component. An independent inspector must certify each and every vessel.

AMC has welders that are R-stamp and U-stamp certified