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General List of Services

Offering most brands and commercial and industrial installations.  HVAC technicians available.

Offering millwright services that can be completed and/or  installed to your needs.  AMC can put a crew together within hours for any emergency situation...7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Offering metal buildings that can be furnished and erected on your site.  From a shell to a 100% turn-key job.  Come by our main office and fabrication shop...AMC built those buildings.

Occasionally a job may arise that a small crane is needed to lift a piece of equipment or roof trusses.   We also have access to larger cranes with certified operators.

Offering plumbing services that cover domestic, underground, medical gas systems & piping, and industrial plumbing fabrication and installation.

Able to cut any material up to 6” thick.

AMC can fabricate and install custom tanks, pressure vessels, and can  manufacture any size containers.